Public Speakers

How To Get Your First Video Demo For Public Speakers

One essential tool you’ll need for booking speaking engagements is a video demo. Clients, event planners, and speakers bureaus all want to see you in action. They want to see you on stage sharing your message. They want to get a sense of your personality, and they want to see how the audience reacts to your presentation, but how do you book a gig so you can record your presentation, when nobody will book you without a video demo? It’s a Catch 22, so I’ll share with you a couple of ideas that will enable to you to go out and record your first video demo.

The first thing you can do is contact all your local Rotary clubs. These are unpaid engagements, but you will be allowed to speak for 20 to 30 minutes in front of a very appreciative audience. You can either hire a videographer or bring a friend along to video record your presentation. Just… Continue reading

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