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Lou Serrano interview

Lou Serrano being interviewed on The Kennedy Administration podcast.

I received a phone call a week ago to perform on The Kennedy Administration podcast. I would have the opportunity to perform an eight-minute set of magic followed by an eight-minute interview.

I had never heard of this podcast, so I did a little research. The podcast is shot in front of a live audience of about 80 people in a nightclub in the heart of Los Angeles, and I figured it would be an interesting experience.

As I got closer to the date, I wanted to cancel. It was a date that didn’t pay, and the only thing I’d get out of it was exposure, but the exposure I’d receive wouldn’t be for my target audience. I perform primarily for high-end social and corporate events. This podcast is geared towards a younger generation of “hipsters”, and I‘m much too old to qualify as a “hipster”.

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