Monthly Archives: March 2010

The #1 Mistake Magicians Make In Building Their Business – And How To Fix it.

What is the number one mistake magicians, entertainers, and other small business owners make in growing their business? One thing we have to remember is that our customers do not buy from us when we want them to buy. They don't buy from us when we are in need of cash flow. Instead, they buy from us when they want to buy. They hire us when they are in need of our services. Continue reading

Build Your Business on a Foundation Destined For Success.

What is the foundation for success? The answer is the same in the magic business as it is in any business. It's also the same answer that you will get if you look at any relationship, whether it's business or personal. Without the proper foundation everything that is built upon it is destined to fail. Continue reading

Instantly Increase the Effectiveness of Your Website Landing Page.

This short marketing and business development video discusses three simple techniques that will instantly increase the effectiveness and conversion rates of your website. If your landing page is missing any one of these three key components, you are losing money. To get all the details on building a successful business as a close-up magician check out The Real Secrets at Continue reading
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