The Marketing Lesson I Gleaned From Christie Brinkley

About a month ago I was hired to perform at a convention in Las Vegas. Christie Brinkley was in attendance to promote one of her products, and I had the opportunity to perform some magic for her, and in the process I picked up a really powerful marketing lesson. The implementation of this one idea can have an immensely positive effect on both your business and life. Check out the video, and leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Christie Brinkley with corporate magician Lou Serrano

Lou Serrano

Corporate Entertainer and keynote Speaker

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11 Responses to The Marketing Lesson I Gleaned From Christie Brinkley

  • James Thomas says:

    this is a great video blog. The message resonates with me big time. i’m definitely going to start making people feel important every chance I get

    Thanks, lou

  • Mark Piazza says:

    I’m going to ranked the 9 minutes of this video as one of the best 9 minutes i’ve ever spent in my life! forget the business aspects – implementing these thoughts & lessons in daily life are huge! Thanks for taking the time to share this with me.

  • I always look forward to receiving your videos and this latest one with the marketing lesson you gleaned from Christie Brinkley is by far the very best. It has taught me such a valuable lesson, as like yourself I too am an entertainer based in the United Kingdom, I do quite a number of wedding fairs to get bookings and unfortunately more often than not people come up to the door without coming any further, but this inviting them in, making them feel welcome and important message of yours has really hit home. Many, many thanks Lou, keep them coming.

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