Burn The Boats & Grow Your Business

In business there are certain thigns that we do that seem to give us security. In reality they are holidng us back from achieving the success we truly desire. It might be time to burn the boats, stop retreating, and achieve the success you seek!

In 1519, Hernan Cortez landed in Mexico, and he ordered his 600 men to “Burn the boats!” It was a message that told his men that there was no retreating. They would either conquer the Aztecs or die trying.

It is the same in business. Sometimes we need to burn the boats in certain aspects of our business in order to focus our energy on the things we truly desire.

It’s a strategy worthy of consideration.

Lou Serrano

Corporate Magician

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2 Responses to Burn The Boats & Grow Your Business

  • Chuck Ising says:

    Hey Lou!! You are awesome. I work at sea, practice my magic on shipmates and airport folks. I really want to build a business for my retirement. I am gone 6-8 months a year.. yeah… wow. 55 no kids no wife… puuurrrfect! Please keep me on your list. Rock ON!

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