A Challenge To Create Breakthrough Results

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Recently, I’ve been working with a good friend and fellow magician on a show that we plan on showcasing in the near future. It ’s a self-produced show where we’ll be renting a theater and publicizing it to the general public.

My initial plan was to weave in my existing show into his show, and create a show that would combine both of our talents. My fellow performer had the idea to create something truly special, and has been working on completely new routines and effects. After seeing his initial efforts, I was blown away by the magic he had created. His routines truly looked like magic, and were far better than I had initially thought he would produce.

It was a wake up call for me. It’s forcing me to look at my own show, and step up my game. It’s forcing me to look at my tried-and-true routines that I’ve been performing for years, and explore how I can improve them.

Surrounding myself with a very creative magician who is taking action on creating new and wonderful magic has inspired me to work even harder to create even more powerful moments in the magic that I already do.

The same concept can apply to all areas of our lives. It’s easy to become complacent when thinking of our own goals and dreams. After all, most people live a life of default instead of a life by design. They spend their days reacting to what’s before them instead of creating the circumstances they desire.

Surrounding ourselves with people who are go-getters, who are making things happen, who have big dreams and taking action to achieve those dreams will inspire us to do the same.

In the last couple of weeks I made a concerted effort to reach out to people who have achieved great success in business. It’s pushing me to take action and create results in areas that are important to me, but for one reason or another have neglected (it might be because I’ve been reacting to circumstances instead of creating them).

So here’s a challenge, which if you decide to accept may produce breakthrough results. Over the next week, seek out and associate with people who are doing great things, and see how it affects your mindset, actions, and outcomes. I think you may be surprised by the results.

As always, I welcome your comments.

To your success!

Lou Serrano

Los Angeles Magician, Corporate Entertainment Specialist, Keynote Business Speaker

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5 Responses to A Challenge To Create Breakthrough Results

  • Kurt Kritler says:

    Thank you so much for that message!!!!!!
    If you ever have any doubts about what youre doing, let me tell you……
    You are making a differenc! !!!!!!!!
    You did with me this morning!!!!!!
    Thank you!!!!!!!!
    Also, have you read the book e-squared by pam grout??????????
    Pick it up…..today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks again buddy

  • Clifford pigott says:

    Thanks for reminding me of this truth. God gives us a fresh new day. We just need to seize it and use the talents he gave us for others and ourself. Hey let me know when your show is going. Want to check it out!
    Thanks for your help.

  • CHris says:

    This past weekend, I was at the magic castle and saw some magic that inspired me tremendously. I was around creative people doing amazing things.

    We are the average of the 5 people we’re around. It challenges us to design our lives. All this echoes your message today. great stuff, Lou!

  • Wow, what a great Post! Sometimes i feel like i’m living in between defaUlt and design. I recently talked to someone who had something interesting to say about that. “Whenever you feel stuck, its because youre not taking the next Step youre supposed to be doing.”

    But It sure is easy to fall into default, isnt it?

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