How To Book Country Club Gigs For Magicians & Other Variety Artists

I recently booked a country club gig where I perform magic on a bi-weekly basis, and I’ve received emails from people that have inquired on how to book these gigs. The above video describes one simple technique that can allow you to get your foot in the door without having to cold call the clubs

Country clubs can be a gold mine of opportunity for acquiring new clients that have the means to hire you for high-end private and corporate events.

Keep in mind that successful people ask for what they want. It’s in the asking that they are able to receive. Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, and never be afraid to ask.

I welcome your comments.

Corporate magician & speaker, Lou Serrano


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9 Responses to How To Book Country Club Gigs For Magicians & Other Variety Artists

  • Lou, thanks for the tip. You are so right about these clubs being a gold mine. Having done several gigs for clients at country clubs, it never dawned on me to have my client introduce me to the club’s rep. Brilliant and subtle positioning move! Timing is everything and I can see where that can make the difference. Are you just working the club’s lounge/restaurant for its members? I’m wondering if you have the club offer your services to a corporate client that don’t yet know what they want to do for entertainment? Thanks again for your support.
    -Terry Magelssen

  • So true Lou!!

    I actually met the GM of a local Country Club in one of my restaurants and he even brought up the idea and handed me HIS card!! Fast forward over a year later and I still am unable to get anything set in stone!

    So glad to hear that others don’t have it so easy when it come to getting your foot in the door in these types of establisments. Guess I won’t give up! LOL

    Looking forward to more great tips, thanks Lou..


  • Lou Serrano says:

    Hi Terry,

    The Catering Director does pitch me for events and it almost happens automatically. It’s a good idea to gain a good rapport with all the people that work at the club, because all of them can have an impact on not only keeping your job at the club, but also in getting additional gigs.

    All the best!


  • Lou Serrano says:


    Persistence is key. I don’t let up until I get a definitive answer. Just be sure not to cross the line of being professional by following up to being a nuisance. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where to draw the line. Good luck!


  • Val penrod says:

    Hi Lou and thank you for your info! I help an entertainer who sings to get bookings at various venues, and have been working on trying to get into some country clubs. I have made several cold calls, and it is indeed hard to get a definite answer as to how to get booked at one. To initially break into the country club venue, do you know if they need press kits, demos, dvds, a web site to look at that has all of the above information, or exactly what they want? This entertainer is excellent, entertaining, and classy. He would be great for corporate events, or any other smaller gigs. Do you have any advise for someone who has never been booked at one before, yet has tons of experience elsewhere? Thanks!

  • Lou Serrano says:

    Hi Val,

    I think having a website with all the information you listed would be enough. The people that make the decisions are limited on time, and the easier you make the process for them the better. There isn’t any one way of getting booked. I’m in talks with several country clubs right now, and those have come about by meeting people who are members of the clubs. The members have put in a recommendation for me and given me the contact information of the people I need to talk to.

    Good luck!


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