Social Media & The Party Principle

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Youtube, almost everyone is on some sort of social media network. The problem is most people have no idea on how to harness the power of these networks to grow their business.

A few years ago Perry Belcher coined the phrase “The Party Principle”, and described how that principle applied to social media networks. The video above describes “The Party Principle” and how you can use it to grow your business.

The real key is to view the social networks as a party. Be a likable person that shows an interest in other people. As people get to know you and like you, you can direct those people to your other sites such as a blog. From there they can get more information by directing them to a sales page where people can place an order for your products and services.

The one major mistake people make is trying to make a sale directly from the social network site. Doing so can be the kiss of death, if it’s not done properly.

Keep in mind that some people will have no interest what-so-ever in what you have to offer, and that’s okay, because if you adhere to The Party Principle, people will still like you, and that’s not a bad thing.

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Los Angeles magician – Lou Serrano

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6 Responses to Social Media & The Party Principle

  • Tim Zager says:

    Good points Lou! I have always believed the surest way to lose “followers” is to use social media as a broadcast tool to blast people with sales messages. Build relationships first.

    Most people will want to know more about you when they see you are interested in them first.


  • HANS SCHMID says:

    as magicians we have to learn that creativity is the key to our success and also that to get your idea out to the masses before it is stolen or duplicated, if a idea is original somehow you have to be identified with the new concept before the masses duplicate your networking is very critical to any success today..and your comments about intrest in other people is very valid..everytime i start talking to a person about a situation i have a intrest in the conversation shift to their situation immediately..and i have to shut my mouth and listening i have created a person that likes to talk to me…….your comments are 100% VALID…

  • David Thiel says:

    I’ve said it before: I really like the way you think. Until about a year ago, I kept away from social networking on the Internet because I simply wasn’t sure how to do it. The whole notion felt uncomfortable to me.

    One day I realized it was still all about PEOPLE and interacting with them and I started figuring out that I am far more likely to buy from a friend than I am to give my business to someone who I have a strong sense is attempting to manipulate me.

    Great, clear blog, Lou. Thank you!


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